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Carol Smart University of Manchester, UK, University of Leeds, UK

Carol is Professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds. She is also Director of the Centre for Research on Family, Kinship and Childhood. Her current research is on changing family life, childhood and cohabitation and her latest book, Family Fragments?, written with fellow CAVA member Bren Neale, was published by Polity Press in 1999. She is also co-author of Cohabitation Breakdown published by the Family Policy Studies Centre in April 2000, and co-editor of The New Family? (Sage, 1999). In relation to the original CAVA programme, Carol is the leader of Strand 3, working predominantly on the Divorce and Separation Study and the Transnational Kinship Study. She is also researching aspects of Strands 1 & 2. In addition, Carol is working with Shelley Budgeon on the Marrying In/Marrying Out project.