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Multiple Attribute Decision Making

Multiple Attribute Decision Making
An Introduction

January 1995 | 83 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Multiple attribute decision making (MADM) procedures, a process for making preference decisions over the available alternatives which are characterized by multiple (usually conflicting) attributes are useful for improving decision making in a wide range of circumstances--from professional to managerial to political. Using real-world case examples, the authors introduce the reader to normative (for optimal decisions) MADM models. Beginning in chapter 2 with and introductions to the various attributes in a decision, the authors explore how MADM methods can be used for descriptive purposes to model the existing decision-making process, noncompensatory and scoring methods, accommodation of soft data, construction of a multiple decision support system, and the validity of methods. The authors also include a presentation of the advanced procedures of TOPSIS and ELECTRE. This manual offers social scientists an encapsulated view of MADM methods, their characteristics, applicability, and the methods for solving MADM problems.

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Attribute Generation, Data and Weight
Noncompensatory Methods
Scoring Methods
Methods for Qualitative Data

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