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Typologies and Taxonomies

Typologies and Taxonomies
An Introduction to Classification Techniques

June 1994 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How do we group different subjects on a variety of variables? Should we use a classification procedure in which only the concepts are classified (typology), one in which only empirical entities are classified (taxonomy), or some combination of both? In this clearly written book, Bailey addresses these questions and shows how classification methods can be used to improve research. Beginning with an exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of classification procedures including those typologies that can be constructed without the use of a computer, the book covers such topics as clustering procedures (including agglomerative and divisive methods), the relationship among various classification techniques (including the relationship of monothetic, qualitative typologies to polythetic, quantitative taxonomies), a comparison of clustering methods and how these methods compare with related statistical techniques such as factor analysis, multidimensional scaling and systems analysis, and lists classification resources. This volume also discusses software packages for use in clustering techniques.

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Typologies and Taxonomies in Social Science
Classical Typology Construction (Pre-Computer)
Numerical Taxonomy and Cluster Analysis
Relations among Techniques
Summary and Conclusions

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ISBN: 9780803952591

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