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Sage Journals

The Sage Journals online platform hosts Sage’s prestigious and highly cited journals and represents one of the largest lists in the social sciences as well as an extensive STM offering. The platform allows subscribing institutions to access individual Sage journal titles, their related backfiles, and the Sage Full-Text Collections and provides users with dramatically enhanced features and functionality, including flexible searching and browsing capabilities, and customizable alerting services.

Institutional Subscription Options

Sage offers institutional subscribers five subscription options, outlined below.

  • Combined (Print + Electronic) –electronic access (which provides site-wide access to all content in the volume) and a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title. Electronic access back to 1999 is provided while subscription is maintained.

  • Combined (Print +Electronic) Plus Backfile – a Combined Plus Backfile institutional subscription includes electronic access (which provides site-wide access to all content in the volume) and a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title. Temporary electronic access is provided to the journal backfile back to Volume 1 issue 1.

  •  E–Access – an E-Access institutional subscription (which provides site-wide access to all content in the volume) is offered at a 15% discount off the Combined institutional subscription rate and does not include print copies. Temporary electronic access is provided to journal backfile back to 1999.

  •  E–Access Plus Backfile – (provides site-wide access to all content in the volume) is offered at a small increase to the E-Access institutional subscription rate and does not include print copies. Temporary electronic access is provided to the journal backfile back to Volume 1 issue 1.

  •  Print Only – the Print Only institutional subscription is offered at 2% off the Combined institutional subscription rate. Includes complimentary temporary online access to current year and the previous 12 months.

E.g. For orders placed for the 2024 issues, access will be available to content in 2023 and 2024. When renewed for 2025, access will be available to 2024 and 2025 but no longer to 2023. Please note there is no charge for this temporary e-access and as a result there is no change in how VAT is calculated for print only customers.


Backfile Purchase

Deep Backfile for Sage journals is available for purchase title-by-title. An annual hosting fee of $25 or £15 per journal will be charged up to a maximum of $500 or £320 (per institution per year).


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Sage Journals are Available Electronically?

Sage journals are available electronically to members of institutions whose libraries have a current Combined Institutional or E-Only Institutional subscription. For a listing of Sage journals available electronically, point your Internet browser to

How Do I Subscribe?

Librarians: To access those journals that are available electronically all you need is a Combined or E-Only Institutional subscription, an Adobe Acrobat Reader, and an access account with one of our intermediaries.

Individuals: Please contact your institutional librarian to organize access.

Which Intermediaries Provide Access to Sage Journals?

Electronic access is available via the intermediaries listed below. Although Sage makes no additional charge for electronic content, some intermediaries may charge for the use of their service. If you do not have an account with a listed intermediary, please check on the preferred Web sites provided below.

Can I Order Through My Subscription Agent?

You can order your Combined or E-Only Institutional subscription through your usual Subscription Agent. If your Subscription Agent is not one of the intermediaries listed above, you’ll need to check first that they are able to provide this service.

How Will I Access My Combined or E-Access Institutional Subscription?

Access to your subscription is available in PDF (using Adobe Acrobat or other freely available plug-ins). Formatting, images, fonts and layout are reproduced accurately, providing a high-quality replica of the printed page that can be viewed on-screen or downloaded at your convenience. 

What Search Facilities Are Available?

Extensive search facilities are available, although these will depend on the intermediary you are using. Check with your intermediary for further details. View the Sage Journals User Guide to view the search features that are available on the Sage Journals platform. 

How Will My Combined or E-Access Institutional Subscription Be Archived?

Intermediaries make their own arrangements for archiving electronic journals. Your intermediary will be able to give you specific details of their plans. For further information about any of the above, please e-mail For more information about terms and conditions of use through an intermediary, please visit

Is Electronic Access Available with an Individual Subscription?

No, we do not currently provide access to individual subscribers. However access is available to all members of a subscribing institution. Contact your librarian if you do not have access to any of our titles you are interested in.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.






Terms and Conditions of Use of Sage journals

View Sage's 'Terms and Conditions of Use of Sage Journals'