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Essentials of Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice

Essentials of Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice

Second Edition
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September 2022 | 784 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd


Combining all the benefits of traditional textbook learning with additional videos and online resources that take you further.

Using the person-centred practice framework as its guiding principle, the book explores the scientific principles that underpin health, illness and the main causes of disease. It covers specific disorders, including a new section on the pathology of Covid-19, and applies theory to practice throughout.

Key features: 

  • See and learn: over 100 integrated video links providing insights and short explanations 
  • Full-colour diagrams and figures: all chapters supported by colourful, reader-friendly illustrations.
  • Person-centred bioscience: a fictional family woven through the book encourages students to think holistically about pathophysiology and consider the lived-experiences of different conditions and illnesses.
  • Online resources: access to online materials for lecturers and students, including multiple choice questions, video links, flashcards, a lecturer test bank, image bank and a media teaching guide.

Section 1 Health and Disease
Chapter 1 Variation and Disease
Chapter 2 Health and Disease in Society
Chapter 3 Principles of Pharmacology
Chapter 4 Genetic Disorders
Chapter 5 Mental Ill-Health
Section 2 Key Causes of Disease
Chapter 6 Disorders of Immunity and Defence
Chapter 7 Disorders of Blood and Blood Supply
Chapter 8 Cellular Adaptation and Neoplastic Disorders
Chapter 9 Disorders of Support and Protection
Section 3 Disorders of Homeostasis
Chapter 10 Disorders of Renal Function and Fluid Balance
Chapter 11 Disorders of Nutrient Supply and Faecal Elimination
Chapter 12 Disorders of Metabolism
Chapter 13 Disorders of Oxygenation and Carbon Dioxide Elimination
Chapter 14 Disorders of the Cardiovascular System
Section 4 Disorders of Control and Coordination
Chapter 15 Disorders of Neurological Control
Chapter 16 Disorders of Endocrine Regulation
Chapter 17 Disorders of the Female Reproductive System
Chapter 18 Disorders of the Male Reproductive System


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Added this as a reading list and highly recommend to follow. Very clear explanation and step by step guidance. Essential reading and reference book for all levels of nurse students.

Ms Vaishali Kale
Department of Adult Nursing, Bucks New University
October 15, 2023

This book is an excellent resource for any student nurse or qualified nurse. This is a must have textbook that effectively bridges the gap between pathophysiology and its application within nursing care regardless of speciality.
The imagery in the book aids in visualising complex concepts making information easier to be understood.
The chapter summary, key & revision points prompt the reader to evaluate and reflect on the knowledge gained .

Ms Anissa Saleman Sarif
School of Nursing & Midwifery, De Montfort University
August 4, 2023

This is a very good guide for students with enhanced detail about pathophysiology, whilst also explaining it in terms that students can understand. A very good book

Mrs Jennifer Reynolds
Nursing (Derby), Derby University
March 22, 2023

This book on pathophysiology is a comprehensive and well-structured resource that is easy to read. The learning process is divided into four stages, with a focus on person-centered care to facilitate practical application. Additionally, there are supplementary learning resources available for students and teaching materials for lecturers.

As a lecturer, I highly recommend this book to my students. Its clear and concise approach to pathophysiology will undoubtedly enhance their understanding and ability to provide person-centered care.

Ms Charlotte Bone
Nursing, BPP University (Waterloo Campus)
March 15, 2023

Excellent resource for student and newly qualified nurses. I love the application of pathophysiology to the 'Bodie family' as it considers the whole life cycle and the emphasis on person centred care. It offers the students an overview of common conditions making A&P and pathophysiology accessible to them.

Mrs T Terri-Ann Walsh
College of Health & Social Care, University of Derby (Chesterfield)
March 15, 2023

This is a very well designed book. The content is appropriate to Nursing students and the way the authors used a very detailed fictional family is perfect to give a "real life" perspective on pathophysiology, which is something students value. This book is also innovative by including QR codes to extra resources that complement or help visualise the taught concepts or processes. It is a great book. Very likely to be adopted in the future for the Adult Nursing BSc.

Mr Ricardo Rego
School of Health Science, Brighton University
January 24, 2023

Fantastic book, a great resource for lecturers and students. Includes all relevant detail and sets in context. Easy to read and understand.

Mrs diane lyttle
School of Nursing (Magee), Ulster University
November 9, 2022

Very well structured book, clearly explains scientific principles that underpin health and illness. Various activities throughout each topic given, to allow student application and understanding. With the use of images and diagrams throughout this book is informatively illustrated. Would recommend this book for those studying Nursing & in practice.

Miss Mehjabeen Shaukat
Education, The Manchester College
August 3, 2022

Used in my Part 3 practice module, especially for practical and simulation sessions. Q very useful text with excellent information within, especially around physiological disorders.

Mr Thomas Beary
Nursing, Hertfordshire University
December 9, 2022

Provides a good overview of pathophysiology for nursing students, very accessible

Mx Morag Monedero fallows
Health and Community Studies, Leeds Beckett University
May 26, 2022

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