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Partnership With Parents in Early Childhood Today

Partnership With Parents in Early Childhood Today

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May 2023 | 224 pages | Learning Matters
What is the true role of parents and carers in early childhood?

This book:
*explores the true role of parents and carers in early childood;
*considers key contemporary issues in parenting;
*supports students to challenge their own assumptions about parents.

Each chapter considers a group of families that may be labelled as hard to reach and considers that the problem lies in practice rather than with families. The book suggests practical advice whilst raising key issues. Each chapter asks current and future practitioners to reflect on and challenge their current practice.

‘Parents as experts’: a new way of working
Motherhood and politics: intervention, surveillance, and identity
Enabling inclusive partnerships with parents and carers: the potential of co- production
Food allergies and anaphylaxis: parenting in isolation and fear
Understanding and supporting adoptive families
LGBTQ+ - myths and unconscious bias
Emerging through dominant narratives in early childhood practice: cultural approaches to parenting
Working with parents from cultural minority groups
Perspectives on multilingualism
Race, maternity and unconscious bias in health
Supporting refugee families
Experiences of higher education student mothers

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