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Response to reviewers template

Authors are encouraged to use this template to respond to peer review comments and detail the changes made to their manuscript. Authors should read the instructions carefully and include the completed form with their revised submission.

Response to reviewers template

Instructions for authors 

  • Add each individual comment from reviewers and editors to the first column 
  • If you are responding to more than two reviewers, copy and paste one of the tables and edit the first column to read ‘Reviewer 3 Comment’, for example 
  • Highlight the changes made in a copy of your revised manuscript 
  • Add page numbers to the highlighted version of your revised manuscript  
  • Describe what you have changed in the Author Response column 
  • State the page number where each change can be found 
  • If you feel unable to address a comment or implement a suggestion, state why 
  • IMPORTANT for journals with double-anonymized peer review: Use Document Inspector to remove all personal information 
  • When submitting your revised manuscript, upload this form under the View and Respond to Decision Letter step 
  • Upload two copies of your revised manuscript under the File Upload step: 
    • One clean copy, using the file designation ‘Main Document’ 
    • One copy with changes highlighted, using the file designation ‘Main Document’ 

Top tips 

  • Consider reviewer and editor comments carefully - don’t rush!  
  • Submit your revision on time  
  • Be positive and constructive 
  • Keep your comments clear and concise 
  • Comprehensive updates and responses to reviewer and editor comments will minimize the need for future revisions