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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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January 2022 | 768 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
New to SAGE, the 9th edition of this comprehensive core textbook builds on its global perspective and approachable written style, that explores the key concepts within a clear and logical structure.

Lynch guides students through 19 chapters, with updated case studies and pedagogy to support the modern business and management student from start to finish. Including:

·       Learning Outcomes
·       Case Studies, Strategy Cases & Exhibits
·       Key Strategic Principles & Definitions
·       Strategic Project Guide
·       Critical Reflection & Summary
·       Questions
·       Further Reading, Notes & References

Continuous contrast between prescriptive and emergent views of strategy highlights the key debates within the discipline, whilst an emphasis on practice throughout the book encourages students to turn theory into practice

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Strategic Management
Chapter 2: A Review of Theory and Practice
Part 2: Strategic analysis and purpose
Chapter 3: Analysing the Strategic Environment
Chapter 4: Analysing resources and capabilities
Chapter 5: Strategy Dynamics
Chapter 6: Prescriptive Purpose Delivered Through Mission, Objectives And Ethics
Chapter 7: Purpose Emerging From Innovation, New Resources And Technologies
Part 3: Developing the strategy
Chapter 8: Developing Business-Level Strategy Options
Chapter 9: Developing Corporate-Level Strategy Options
Chapter 10: Strategy Evaluation And Development: The Prescriptive Process
Chapter 11: Finding The Strategic Route Forward From Knowledge, Learning And Networks
Chapter 12: Organisational Structure, Style And People
Part 4: The implementation process
Chapter 13: Implementing And Controlling The Strategic
Chapter 14: Green Strategy And Sustainability
Chapter 15: Managing Strategic Change
Part 5: Different Strategy Contexts
Chapter 16: Strategic Leadership
Chapter 17: Entrepreneurial strategy
Chapter 18: Government, public sector and not-for-profit strategies
Chapter 19: International expansion and Globalisation Strategies


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Case Studies

Strategic Management by Richard Lynch is the definitive textbook on how to proactively create and control an organization’s future direction and competitive advantage. This is the result of a lifetime of experience and insight, distilled into an compelling and comprehensive book. In previous editions, readers have been attracted by the blend of rational and creative thinking in approaching strategic decision-making. The latest, 9th edition, continues this winning formula and, through a range of dynamic new case studies, dives deeper into the latest thinking around important strategy thematics including stakeholder management, knowledge and networks, entrepreneurship, and deglobalization. This is a powerful exposition of how to design and do strategic management in a complex world. 

Professor Thomas C. Lawton, University College Cork, Ireland and University of Surrey, UK

Strategic Management remains the key textbook for exploring both the innovative and planned aspects of strategy. Its readable, student-friendly style works well with its comprehensive and current coverage of all the key strategy topics.

Professor Nicholas O'Regan, Aston Business School, UK

The new ninth edition builds on the strengths and structured presentation of the earlier editions. In particular, the wide range of strategy case material - both new and old  - offers insights and challenges for both individual readers and for class discussion. Green strategy issues, sustainability and the many international strategy examples remain major strengths of this book. The companion site and the detailed slides remain an added value allowing to easily adapt the book content for lectures or seminars. MBA students particularly value the discussion of strategy implementation. I will certainly use this new edition in all postgraduate modules

Dr Inge Hill, Senior Lecturer Business Strategy, Royal Agricultural University, UK

This text carries information to provide students with an introduction to the themes of strategic management. The organisation of the text logically progresses students through the essential components, contributing to their construction of their individual understanding of the complex subject of Strategic Management.

Mr Ian McDonald
Bolton Business School, Bolton University
February 7, 2024

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