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Supporting our Library Partners

SAGE is an active advocate for the library community, here are just some ways in which we support librarians and work together:

A future without librarians is no future. We want to hear from you directly how we can be working together. In 2011, we appointed Elisabeth Leonard, a former librarian, as SAGE’s Market Research Analyst. Working with the library community internationally, Elisabeth’s role helps us to identify new and future needs. Following Elizabeth’s appointment we now have a team of five librarians across the US who play an instrumental role in helping SAGE to better understand the role of the librarian in the scholarly communication ecosystem, and how we can best meet library needs.
We are working together for the future. SAGE is an active advocate and supporter of the librarian community. SAGE offers:

  • A number of Travel Grants SAGE supports annual travel grants to leading library conferences across global such as ALA Midwinter, ALA Annual, Charleston, ALPSP, and UKSG. With the rapid evolution of the industry, these efforts help us to support our library partners by ensuring they have access to the informational presentations and debates that happen there.
  • Host a number of White paper reports and roundtable discussions SAGE publishes and supports a number of reports to help better understand the changing challenges that librarians face. From open access, to discoverability, to library value, to libraries in the developing world, we invite librarians to browse through our free collection of white papers here. You can read more about our white paper research by looking on our central hub.

SAGE is an active member of the library community. One of the key things we do is to hold regular Library Advisory Board groups, focus groups, product usability testing, and informal meetings with libraries around the world to both test current and new business models and better understanding the challenges faced by the community.
We are an ALA Library Champion Sponsor and regularly participate in a number of other industry conferences. Being active in industry bodies and industry initiatives, SAGE is Counter compliant and is a founding publisher member of Project Transfer. Our staff host research events across library researcher-publisher stakeholders, speak at library conferences and contribute to library journals.

Global support and access to information is at the heart of what we do We also participate in Research4Life (HINARI, AGORA and OARE) and eIFL which helps bring our high quality scholarship at little or no cost to thousands of institutions in the developing world. Our commitment also extends to our local community. The Newbury Park High School library (near SAGE’s corporate HQ in California) has been renamed the SAGE Library for our many contributions. In the UK, SAGE’s partnership with the University of Sussex saw the creation of the ‘Sussex Research Hive’.

“SAGE has made a major contribution to advancing our knowledge, pushing the boundaries of our thinking and making sure that important information was in our hands and on our minds.”Marilyn Cochrane Smith, Boston College

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