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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Understanding Student Debt: Who Borrows, the Consequences of Borrowing, and the Implications for Federal Policy

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May 2017 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Attending and completing college are significant achievements for many young adults. However, access to and completion of higher education for many are made possible through student loan uptake. Borrowing to attend college (or graduate school) does not necessarily constitute a public policy problem, but when debt falls disproportionately on underrepresented students, deters students from attending or completing college, or is not repaid on time, then policy challenges emerge.

This volume of The ANNALS focuses on who borrows to pay for higher education, why students do so, and the effects of borrowing. It also addresses the implications of student load debt for federal loan repayment programs. With the forthcoming reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA), this volume offers timely and important contributions regarding federal student loan policy. 

Nicholas Hillman & Kata Orosz
Who borrows and why?
Claire Callender & Geoff Mason
Does student loan debt deter participation in higher education? New evidence from England
Angela Boatman & Brent J. Evans
How financial literacy, federal aid knowledge, and credit market experience predict loan aversion for education
Fernando Furquim, Kristen Glasener, Meghan Oster, Brian P. McCall, & Stephen L. DesJardins
Navigating the financial aid process: Borrowing outcomes among first-generation and non-first generation students
Stephanie Cellini & Raj Darolia
High costs, low resources, and missing information: Explaining student borrowing in the for-profit sector
What are the consequences of borrowing?
Kelly Ochs Rosinger
Decisions at the margins: The impact of an informational intervention on community college enrollment and borrowing
Dominique J. Baker & William R. Doyle
Impact of community college student debt levels on credit accumulation
Manuel S. González Canché
Financial benefits of rapid student loan repayment: An analytic framework employing two decades of data
What are the implications for federal policy?
Robert Shireman
Loans now, pay later: A history of income-contingent student loans in the U.S.
Robert Kelchen & Amy Li
Institutional accountability: A comparisons of the predictors of student loan repayment and default rates?
Wenhua Di & Kelly Edmiston
Student loan relief programs: Implications for borrowers and the federal government
Bruce Chapman and Lorraine Dearden
Conceptual and empirical issues for alternative student loan designs: The significance of loan repayment burdens for the U.S.
Laura W. Perna, Roman Ruiz, & James Kvaal

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