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The Journal of Dental Research Package (including JDR Clinical & Translational Research)

The Journal of Dental Research Package (including JDR Clinical & Translational Research)

The journals of International & American Associations for Dental Research are sold as a package.

The Journal of Dental Research (JDR) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to the dissemination of new knowledge and information on all science relevant to dentistry and to the oral cavity and associated structures in health and disease. The Journal of Dental Research’s broad readership consists of oral, dental and craniofacial researchers, clinical scientists, dentists, dental educators, and oral and dental policy-makers.

The JDR Clinical & Translational Research (JDR CTR) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal that encompasses all areas of clinical and translational research in the dental, oral and craniofacial sciences. The JDR Clinical & Translational Research is dedicated to publishing original research at the interface between discovery science and clinical application with the translation of research into healthcare delivery systems at the individual patient, clinical practice, and community levels. JDR Clinical & Translational Research provides a much needed resource for clinicians, scientists, academics, researchers and policy makers across the entire translational science spectrum of the dental community. 

Advances in Dental Research (ADR) is an e-supplement to JDR. Subscribers to JDR receive access to all new ADR content.

The journal Critical Reviews in Oral Biology & Medicine (CROBM) was merged into the JDR. Subscriptions to CROBM are no longer available, but all content from Volume 1, Issue 1 (1990) to Volume 15, Issue 1 (2004) is hosted online and accessible with your JDR subscription.

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) and its division the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) are headquartered in Alexandria, VA USA. They are nonprofit organizations with nearly 12,000 members worldwide and more than 3,700 in the United States. The mission of IADR/AADR is: (1) to advance research and increase knowledge for the improvement of oral health worldwide; (2) to support and represent the oral health research community; and (3) to facilitate the communication and application of research findings.

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