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Writing Skills in Nursing and Healthcare

Writing Skills in Nursing and Healthcare
A Guide to Completing Successful Dissertations and Theses

October 2014 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Developing persuasive, clear, authoritative writing for academic and professional work can be a real challenge for many. This book guides the reader through the writing process for a dissertation, thesis or essay. Practical strategies and tips for each stage of the process are offered throughout, from critical reading through to preparing the final piece of work for submission. The author pays particular attention to an understanding of the English language, and how it is be best used in academic work.

Key features of the book are:

  •          Real examples from postgraduate work which show the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches
  •          Glossaries of terms
  •          Case studies of published research which demonstrate good practice in writing
  •          Checklists of tasks to complete whilst working on a writing project

It will be essential reading for all those writing dissertations, essays and theses at post-registration and postgraduate level in health and nursing.

Introduction to the Graduate Student Experience
Developing the Supervisory Relationship and Opportunities for Funding
Critical Reading and Writing: Essential Strategies
The Thesis Proposal
Writing and Editing the Thesis
Writing the Introduction Chapter
Searching and Evaluating the Literature
Writing Up your Literature Review
Writing Up the Methods, Results, and Final Chapters
Disseminating your work: Presentations and Conferences
Disseminating Knowledge through Publication
Pulling into the Station: Final Tasks

'This is a practical and engaging guide to completing a dissertation or thesis. Drawing on the author’s extensive experience and expertise, the book contains a raft of insights, hints and tips. It will be of great value to all post-graduate students of nursing and midwifery.'

David Barrett, Deputy Head of Department of Nursing, University of Hull

Writing is at the heart of academic life. Through this concise guide, Dena Bain Taylor has not only provided an invaluable resource for graduate students learning to master writing and critical thinking, she has provided excellent suggestions for navigating the realms of presenting and publishing.

Elizabeth Peter, Associate Professor in the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

The author draws on her own extensive experience and expertise to present the reader with practical strategies for each stage of the writing process from the initial critical reading through to submission of the final piece of work. The book has been written in a straightforward, user friendly style that takes the post graduate student through the process of writing each chapter of their dissertation/thesis through to some excellent suggestions for preparing for the viva. I would recommend this as essential reading for post graduate nursing and healthcare related students.

Moyra Journeaux, Senior Lecturer, Nursing and Midwifery, Higher Education Department, in partnership with the University of Chester, Health and Social Services, Jersey
Journal of Perioperative Practice

This book gives information on essentials things to do with regards to Nursing and Healthcare. It covers information on effective writing skills. Fantastic and helpful to read.

Mrs Nahid Shah
Meridian Centre, Meridian Centre
September 12, 2018

Excellent book to help students with dissertations and theses. Chapters are detailed and very informative.

Mr David lawson
Faculty Of Health, Edge Hill University
December 18, 2015

This is an excellent book which succeeds in helping nursing students from diverse access routes to come to terms with the complex requirements of writing fro academic assignments.
The structure, layout and content of the book allow students to not only familiarise and experiment with different approaches, the book also serves to provide important skills which can be transferred into clinical practice.

Mr Michael Klingenberg
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University
March 2, 2016

It demonstrate easy steps which can guide students to logically present their research reports

Professor Azwihangwisi Helen Mavhandu-Mudzusi
Health Studies, University of South Africa
April 13, 2016

The book is written in a simple language which even the students who are new in the field of research can easily understand . It is also relevant for the academics who wants to publish research.It also provide the basics for writing dissertation for Post graduate students using acceptable academic language.

Professor Azwihangwisi Helen Mavhandu-Mudzusi
Health Studies, University of South Africa
February 26, 2016

This is a very clear book which you can dip in and out of which is exactly what you need when you can see problems with your writing but you are not sure what you need to do to improve it.

Ms andrea stebbings
school of nursing and midwifery, University of Plymouth
November 4, 2015

A really good resource to enable students to produce excellent academic writing.

Mrs Kim Wilcock
Department of Midwifery, Edge Hill University
November 26, 2015

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