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SAGE Publishing’s 10-Year Impact Awards Go to the Authors of Three Social Science Papers

May 25, 2020

Articles on Teachers' Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, and Employment Relations Receive Most Citations over 10-Year Period 


SAGE Publishing is recognizing three social science papers for their long-term academic influence. In their inaugural year, the 10-Year Impact Awards are given to the authors of articles published in any SAGE journal that received the most citations over the span of a decade. 

This year, the awards honor the three papers published in 2009 that were most cited between 2009 and 2019. The papers receiving recognition are: 

Each of the three articles received more than 1,000 citations over the 10-year period. 

"At a time when urgency and speed are understandable watchwords for research output, we can lose track of the fact that many of the important contributions of social and behavioral science are more diffuse and long-term in their lasting significance and impact," commented Ziyad Marar, President of Global Publishing at SAGE. "Though some progress has been made in recent years, there has not been consensus among the social and behavioral science (SBS) community about the best ways to mark, measure, and celebrate research impact. Citations represent one part of the picture, but even here we rely on metrics that are based only on two years of influence since publication. We've launched the 10-Year Impact Awards not only to bring deserved attention to specific research with influence that has grown over time, but also to continue to contribute to the broader conversation about impact and to draw attention to ways in which SBS might better be assessed by a more nuanced array of metrics." 

By considering a period of ten years, the awards move beyond the short termism often associated with commonly used metrics such as Journal Impact Factor. Such consideration is especially important for SBS research, where influence can last longer and often increases in the years following publication. 

"While we are invested in finding new ways to recognize the societal impact of SBS research that go beyond citations, we at SAGE believe it is also important to acknowledge the incredible value of research that is used and built upon by other scholars over time," Marar continued. "This is a process that may result in enabling the cumulative force of work that addresses critical societal issues over the longer term." 

This year's awards considered citation data for all articles published in 2009. That year, SAGE published more than 40,000 articles across a wide range of disciplines, with more than 75 percent from SBS. Of the top 100 most-cited articles, 19 were from STM and 79 from SBS. 

Earlier efforts to extend the conversation around research impact include the 2019 report "The Latest Thinking About Metrics for Research Impact in the Social Sciences;" an annual Impact in Action Writing Contest; a quarterly newsletter that collates topics for discussion, news, and articles; and a microsite spotlighting research geared towards real-world change. The publisher also continues to support groups that advocate for SBS funding. 

Click to download the list of the top 100 most-cited 2009 articles: most_cited_2009_articles.xlsx

To learn more about the awards, visit Social Science Space


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