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American Foreign Policy Since World War II

American Foreign Policy Since World War II

Twenty-Second Edition

March 2024 | 448 pages | CQ Press
Now in its Twenty-Second Edition, Hook, Spanier, and Grove’s American Foreign Policy Since World War II has long set the standard in guiding students through the complexities of American foreign policy. The text introduces students to the American “style” of foreign policy, imbued with a distinct sense of national exceptionalism. By giving students the historical context they need, this book allows them to truly grasp the functions and dysfunctions of the nation’s foreign policy agenda with historical insight into modern policy context.

Chapter 1 The American Approach to Foreign Policy
Part I The Cold War
Chapter 2 From World War to Cold War
Chapter 3 Containment: From Theory to Practice
Chapter 4 North-South Tensions and the Vietnam War
Chapter 5 Détente and World-Order Politics
Chapter 6 Breakthroughs in the Superpower Struggle
Chapter 7 The End of the Cold War
Part II The New World “Disorder”
Chapter 8 Old Tensions in a New Order
Chapter 9 The Shifting European Landscape
Chapter 10 America under Fire
Chapter 11 Hot Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
Chapter 12 Aftershocks of the Arab Spring
Chapter 13 The Revival of Power Politics
Chapter 14 Traditional vs. Transnational: Can the U.S. Balance Interests in the 21st Century?
Appendix A: U.S. Administrations since World War II
Appendix B: Chronology of Significant Events, 1945–2023
Appendix C: Select Bibliography
Appendix D: Select Websites
Appendix E: Select Blogs on American Foreign Policy

"This book offers a thorough and well-written account of US foreign policy in the post-WWII era. It is the most comprehensive work I have found on the subject and is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a detailed account of American behavior in the world in the last century."

Timothy J. A. Passmore
The University of Colorado Boulder
Key features
  • The text focuses on the conduct of American foreign policy rather than its formulation and provides students with detailed knowledge of the policymaking process, including legal and institutional restraints, bureaucratic behavior, and the demands posed by civil society.
  • Five appendixes are designed to stimulate informed, critical thinking during this epochal period in American history.
    • The first appendix identifies the most influential makers of foreign policy in U.S. administrations since World War II.
    • The second provides a chronology of important developments in world politics
    • The last three appendixes provide researchers with a comprehensive listing of publications, websites, and foreign policy blogs.


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