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An Introduction to Coaching Skills

An Introduction to Coaching Skills
A Practical Guide

Third Edition (Updated Edition)
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January 2021 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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This bestselling book introduces you step-by-step to the key skills needed to become a successful coach. Supported by an Online Resource site with over 70 videos of coaching in action, this practical book will be an invaluable resource for novices and trainee coaches.

Part I – Context
1 - First things first
2 - Becoming a coach
Part II – Key skills
3 - Listening to encourage thinking
4 - Asking powerful questions
5 - Paraphrasing and summarising
6 - Noticing
Part III – The coaching process
7 - Conversational frameworks
8 - Changing ways of thinking
9 - Positive bias
Part IV – Practical tools and techniques
10 - Body language and emotional intelligence
11 - Inspiring creativity: let’s talk
12 - Inspiring creativity: let’s draw
13 - Inspiring creativity: let’s play
Part V – Coaching way of being
14 - Being human
15 - Inspiring others
Part VI – Conclusion
16 - Reflecting on practice


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This has been a really useful resource to support my delivery. Well structured and easy to read.

Mrs Helena Cannon
Accounting, cardiff and vale college
June 18, 2024

Practical and easy to follow. An excellent introductory to coaching textbook for students. The videos that supplement the reading offer students a rare glimpse at real world coaching.

Mrs Kristina Lewis
Tech Ed Dept, Pittsburg State University
April 29, 2022

not applicable to our students

Professor Delia Voica
English, Basingstoke College of Technology
September 28, 2022

Covers everything I need for level 6 coaching course + useful online materials

George Sandamas
School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
November 20, 2020
Key features
  • Over 70 videos of real coaching; including two full length sessions for you to engage with
  • A closer look at coaching processes and models to support your understanding
  • New activities (including templates to download) to try with clients
  • Stories from practice to give context to the skills being discussed.


Need: Trainee coach practitioners need to apply theory to practice and learn the ‘how to’ coach

Feature: This extremely practical introduction contains numerous case studies showing theory in action, which will help students understand how to apply theory to actual practice in a variety of settings and which will enable them to use the book as a companion throughout their training from day one.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Part 1, Chapter 2 - Becoming a Coach