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Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Learning Designs

Reach the Highest Standard in Professional Learning: Learning Designs

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A Joint Publication with Learning Forward

November 2014 | 128 pages | Corwin

The right learning design can support professional growth!

Learning Forward is a leader in understanding and advancing professional learning that leads to student success.  This series explores Learning Forward’s seven Standards for Professional Learning which outline the characteristics of effective professional learning that, collectively, advance teaching and learning.

In this volume, you’ll get original essays, an inspirational case study, and detailed guidance on implementing the Design standard.  Deepen your knowledge of standards with

  • An original essay by Eleanor Drago-Severson that offers a fresh take on designs for professional learning that is grounded in adult developmental theory
  • Practical tools that assist readers in selecting appropriate learning designs that promote educator growth
  • Examples of powerful designs for professional learning that are job-embedded, promote active engagement, and support implementation

With this book, educators will reach new heights of professional growth and students will reap the benefits.

Stephanie HIrsh
Introduction to the Series
The Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning
The Learning Designs Standard
About the Authors
Eleanor Drago-Severson
1. Helping Adults Learn: The Promise of Designing Spaces for Development
Patricia Roy
2. Learning Designs: The Bridge Between Planning and Implementation
Valerie von Frank
3. The Case Study

"The gift of this book is a powerful weave of Eleanor Drago-Severson's exploration of adults' preferred ways of learning, Pat Roy's examination and closer look into the Learning Design Standard, and Valerie von Frank's case study of how thoughtful educators are in applying the learning designs in practice. The book's sequence of perspectives -- theory, learning design standard, and application -- provides a multi-dimensional learning opportunity for educators to increase their awareness and knowledge of how the Learning Design standard becomes a reality resulting in positive change.

I appreciate the thoroughness and development of key ideas about learning designs, and the inclusion of useful tools, charts, and strategies for enactment. This book necessitates that educators understand adult ways of knowing, and the Learning Design standard at deeper levels, in order to offer effective differentiation for educators to transform their practice that supports student learning."

Dr. Janice Bradley, Research Assistant Professor
New Mexico State University
Key features
(1) Promotes a deeper understanding of the conditions, processes, and content of effective professional learning to support continuous improvement in leadership, teaching, and student learning.

(2) Provides educators with the learning opportunities and tools to unpack each standard, connect the standard to their own contexts and experiences, and build a common understanding of the qualities of effective professional learning.

(3) Original essays, written by leading experts in the field, challenge existing thinking and promote new, deeper-level understandings of the meaning of the standard.

(4) Explores the in-connectedness of individual standards and cultivates an appreciation for how the standards function in symmetry.

(5) Includes a detailed chapter on implementation and application of the standard to help close the knowing-doing gap and sustain improvements over time.

(6) Original case studies provide inspirational examples of actual districts "getting it right" and educators who have realized the promise of effective professional learning.

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