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Publishing Policies

On the following pages, you may find information about Sage's Publishing Policies:

Training and Usage


Thank you for your interest in resources to help your students, faculty, and researchers understand how to use the SAGE Journals platform. 

Learn more about the features and functions of your SAGE Journals product with our range of training resources and support.

Journal Editorial Board Members

Welcome to the Editorial Board Members (EBMs) Hub. Whether you are an Early Career Researcher interested in taking the first steps to collaborate with a Journal, or an experienced researcher interested in joining an Editorial Board, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find guidance on how to gain the experience needed to join an Editorial Board, how to make the most of Editorial Board membership, and how Sage supports and rewards active EBMs.

Award-winning resources for Canadian post-secondary education

Access the award-winning SAGE Video and SAGE Research Methods collections in health and social wellness curated to meet the diverse needs of Canadian faculty and students. Providing a well-rounded academic experience that informs social welfare, policy, and healthcare, SAGE digital library products support a comprehensive learning experience through varied and interdisciplinary content for enhancing any course modality, as well as research projects. 

Supporting you in this new environment

To help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the online teaching transition and working in a post-COVID world, we've assembled the following resources. Curated by experts, they are based on extensive research to tailor to your current needs.

Online Nursing Hub

To support you in your continuing efforts to carry on teaching and learning during this period, we have provided you with free access to online digital resources from a number of our leading textbooks.

Students can access these resources by clicking on the 'Student Resources' button associated with each book. As a student, you will be able to complete quizzes, watch relevant videos, download glossary flashcards, access recommended further reading lists and more.

Author Information

Authors can make their article open access either via the gold OA publishing or green OA archiving as described below.

A number of funders require research articles which have resulted from their funding to be made open access, including RCUK, NIH and Wellcome Trust. Sage helps authors comply with these mandates either via the gold open access publication route or green open access archiving.

Please check with your funders if there is a mandate to publish your research open access and the criteria for compliance. These resources may be helpful:

Journals Permissions

In general, reusing or reproducing substantial portions of Sage Publishing content requires permission. This includes use of text, figures, tables, multimedia content, and any other material published by Sage. In some instances, Sage may make its content freely viewable; however, such material may require permission for reuse. To seek permission, please review the information below.