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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
New Directions for the Twenty-First Century

12th Edition
Edited by:

January 2024 | 432 pages | CQ Press
As environmental issues continue to become more prevalent in society and surrounding policy challenges become more complex, Environmental Policy once again brings together top scholars to evaluate the changes and continuities in American environmental policy since the late 1960s and their implications for current policy. Students will learn to decipher the underlying trends, institutional constraints, and policy dilemmas that shape today’s environmental politics as they evaluate approaches to future challenges.

Environmental Policy and Politics in Transition
Michael E. Kraft and Barry G. Rabe
US Environmental Policy: An Overview
Barry G. Rabe
Racing to the Top, the Bottom, or the Middle of the Pack? The Evolving State Government Role in Environmental Protection
Christopher Borick and Erick Lachapelle
Priorities, Preferences, and Policy: Twenty-First Century Public Opinion on the Environment
Federal Institutions and Policy Change
Norman J. Vig
Presidential Powers and Environmental Policy
Michael E. Kraft
Environmental Policy in Congress
Kimberly Smith
Environmental Policy in the Courts
Richard N. L. Andrews
The Environmental Protection Agency
Public Policy Dilemmas
Sanya Carley
Energy Policy
William R. Lowry
Natural Resource Policies in an Era of Polarized Politics
Sheila M. Olmstead
Applying Market Principles to Environmental Policy
Sara Hughes and Aaron Deslatte
Sustainability in Cities
Global Issues and Controversies
Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer
Global Climate Change Governance: Where Next After Paris
Richard J. Tobin
Environment, Population, and the Developing World
Daniel J. Fiorino
Creating the Green Economy: Government, Business, and a Sustainable Future
Barry G. Rabe and Michael E. Kraft
Conclusion: Emerging Challenges in Environmental Policy
Key features


  • A new chapter on sustainable communities by new contributors to the volume takes a fresh and current look at this key topic.

  • All chapters have been completely revised to include new scholarship, polling data, court rulings, congressional actions, agency decisions, state-level policy changes, and other pertinent events and developments.

  • Thoroughly revised introductory and concluding chapters frame the policy discussions throughout the book.
  • Discussions of the most important developments in environmental policy and politics since the 1960s help students to see the progress of environmental policy and analyze central issues that impact the United States today.
  • A focus on underlying policy trends, institutional strengths and shortcomings, and policy dilemmas offer students insights into real problems that policy makers face when attempting to resolve environmental controversies.
  • The text is divided into four logical parts to make the content easier for students to grasp.
    • Part I provides students a retrospective view of policy development as well as a framework for analyzing policy has changed in the United States.
    • Part II shows students how to analyze the role of federal institutions in environmental policymaking.
    • Part III introduces students to broader dilemmas in environmental policy formulation and implementation.
    • Part IV encourages students to consider global issues and controversies to help them develop a more international perspective of environmental policy.

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