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Health Policy

Health Policy
A Critical Perspective

January 2009 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book provides a critical assessment of developments in health and healthcare policy. Primarily focusing on the UK, the chapters cover issues such as the policy-making process; the development of the NHS; health care governance; health promotion; and the comparative analysis of health care systems within the EU and US.

Each chapter brings together social and political themes to offers a unique combination of theory, historical detail, and wider social commentary. Case studies illustrate how policy has evolved and developed in recent years, and the implications these changes have for practice. Written in an accessible style the chapters highlight key concepts and also include comprehensive introductions and summaries. Each chapter will include case studies to illustrate the planning, implementation, and assessment of specific policies.

This is a timely and authoritative textbook that covers a key topic of the curriculum whilst also contributing to topical debates. The book will be essential reading for health and nursing students taking modules in health policy, and will also be of interest to policy makers and practitioners in the field of healthcare.

Theory and Context

Studying Health Policy
The Role of the State
Theory and Practice

The Policy-Making Process
The Healthcare System

The Structure of Healthcare in the UK
Continuity and Change

The System of Healthcare Funding in the UK
A Comparative Analysis of European Healthcare Systems
Changing Demands, Common Solutions?

Issues in Healthcare Provision

Governing the Medical Profession
Managing the Performance of the NHS
A Patient-Led Health Service? Choice, Equity and the Supplier Market
Meeting Long-term Health and Social Care Needs in the Community
Looking to the Future

Health Beyond Policy

This is an excellent textbook as we are lacking critical textbooks at present for the Level 4 & 5s.

Ms Dilva Porter
CHYPPE, University Campus Suffolk
April 19, 2011

Important text to give overview of the context in which health policy has developed and is delivered

Ms Diane Galpin
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
December 15, 2010

This is a good introductory text. As the title suggests the author takes a critical approach and policy is placed in its historical/political context. Key concepts are highlighted and defined, as well as extensive further reading. This is a very helpful text for undergraduate and post graduate students who are trying to get to grips with the health policy agenda.

Dr Anne Arber
Division of Health and Social Care, Surrey University
September 7, 2010

Easy to read, authoratative text. Very current in focus and content

Mrs Anne Fenech
Health Sciences, Southampton University
June 15, 2010

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