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Legacies of Racial Violence: Clarifying and Addressing the Presence of the Past

Legacies of Racial Violence: Clarifying and Addressing the Presence of the Past

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July 2021 | 219 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Scholars increasingly agree that histories of racial violence relate to contemporary patterns of conflict and inequality, and growing interest exists among civic leaders in reckoning with these legacies today. This volume of The ANNALS examines the contributions and limitations of scientific research on legacies of racial violence and suggests implications for policy, practice, and other forms of intervention aimed at redress.

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David Cunningham, Hedwig Lee, Geoff Ward
Analytic Papers
Rebecca Abbott and Amy Kate Bailey, University of Illinois at Chicago
Historical Mob Violence and the 2016 Presidential Election
Brent Campney, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Did You Really Have to Kill Our Daddy? Police Brutality and Mexican American Families in Texas.
Ryan Gabriel, Brigham Young University; Mike Esposito, University of Michigan; Geoff Ward, Washington University in St. Louis; Hedwig Lee, Washington University in St. Louis, David Cunningham, Washington University in St. Louis, Margaret T. Hicken, Univer
White Health Benefits of Histories of Enslavement: The Case of Opioid Deaths
Sarah Gaby, UNC Wilmington
Measuring Legacies of Collective Racial Violence
Shytierra Gaston, Georgia State University
Historical Racist Violence and Intergenerational Harms: Accounts from Descendants of Lynching Victims.
David Rigby, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Charles Seguin, Penn State
Capital Punishment and the Legacies of Slavery and Lynching in the United States
Christina Simko, Williams College
From Legacy to Memory: Reckoning with Racial Violence at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.
Mattias Smångs, Yale University
The White Working-Class and the Legacy of the 1960s Ku Klux Klan in the 2016 Presidential Election.
Jhacova Williams, Economic Policy Institute; Trevon Logan, Ohio State University; Bradley Hardy, American University
The Persistence of Historical Racial Violence and Political Suppression: Implications for Contemporary Regional Inequality.
Sensemaking Papers
Christian Davenport, University of Michigan
A Call for Integral Violence Studies
Geoff Ward, Washington University in St. Louis; David Cunningham, Washington University in St. Louis; Sarah Gaby, UNC Wilmington; Hedwig Lee, Washington University in St. Louis
Expanding the Scope of Historical Racial Violence
Margaret T. Hicken, University of Michigan; Lewis Miles, University of Michigan; Solome Haile, Washington University in St. Louis and University of Michigan; Michael Esposito, University of Michigan
State-sanctioned slow violence and population health inequities
Darrell Hudson, Washington University in St. Louis
Achieving Health Equity by Addressing Legacies of Racial Violence/Racism in Community Engaged Public Health Practice
Monica Martinez, UT-Austin
Lives, Not Metadata: Recovery Methods for Digital Histories of Racial Violence
Molly K. Zuckerman, Mississippi State University; Rita M. Austin, University of Oslo; Courtney A. Hofman, University of Oklahoma
Decoding Disparities and Exposing the Racial Legacies of Historical Anatomical Collections of Human Remains.

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ISBN: 9781071856772

ISBN: 9781071856819