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On-Your-Feet Guide: The SOLO Taxonomy

On-Your-Feet Guide: The SOLO Taxonomy

August 2020 | 6 pages | Corwin
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The SOLO (Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome) Taxonomy is a way of classifying learning outcomes in terms of their complexity, enabling teachers to assess students’ work in terms of its quality. SOLO is comparable to Bloom’s and Webb’s but many deem it more useful. SOLO classifies understanding into 5 levels:


Prestructural: nothing is known about the topic or task

Unistructural: one relevant aspect is known

Multistructural: several relevant independent aspects are known

Relational: aspects of knowledge are integrated into a structure

Extended: demonstrating an abstract and deep understanding  

SOLO is a large part of Visible Learning, especially relating to Surface > Deep > Transfer. This OYFG supports VL as well as Almarode and Vandas's Clarity for Learning. 

On-Your-Feet Guides (OYFGs) provide you with the ultimate “cheat sheet” to implement effective change in your classroom while in the moment of teaching. Designed for accessibility, and providing step-by-step guidance, the OYFGs are written by experts who take research-based practices and make them doable for the busy teacher.

Each On-Your-Feet Guide is laminated, 8.5”x11” tri-fold (6 pages), and 3-hole punched.

Use the On-Your-Feet Guides:


·        When you know the “what” but need help with the “how”

·        As a quick reference to support a practice you learned in a PD workshop or book

·        To learn how to implement foundational practices

·        When you want to help your students learn a specific strategy, routine, or approach, but aren’t sure how to do it  yourself

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ISBN: 9781071821510