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New Encyclopedia from SAGE Explores Higher Education’s Impact on Equality and Diversity

June 22, 2020

SAGE Publishing announces the release of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education, a four-volume set exploring higher education practices and their impact on global economies and global equity. Through over 600 signed entries, scholars analyze higher education curriculum, impact, organization, and policy, and whether changes are transforming or reinforcing traditional power structures. 

Organized into 12 sections, the encyclopedia covers issues within higher education such as the burden of higher tuition fees, the pressure for departments to produce more courses, and the need for research that has a clear, demonstrable social impact. It highlights key concepts, debates, approaches, and schools of thought on higher education and the roles of universities. 

Entries under the set’s largest section, “Equity,” touch upon issues including: 
•    Access to higher education for Black, Indigenous, and students of color
•    Critical race studies and whiteness studies 
•    Black feminist thought 
•    Campus climate 
•    The racialization of crime alerts 
•    Gender identity

“This text is our attempt to codify and collect together the diversity of systems of higher education and/or universities,” note editors Drs. Miriam E. David and Marilyn J. Amey. “We document changing forms of teaching and learning in a digitized world and consider the implications for future generations around notions of equality and diversity.”

Alongside Drs. David and Amey, notable contributors include Drs. Heidi Safia Mirza and Farzana Shain of Goldsmiths College, Dr. Terri Kim of University of East London, and Dr. Rebecca Ropers of University of Minnesota. 

As an interdisciplinary volume, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education will assist students and researchers in education, sociology, politics and other related fields across the humanities and social science disciplines.

To learn more about The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education, visit the SAGE Publishing website.


The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education 

June 2020 

1,984 pages

Print Price- $840 USD/£650 GBP

ISBN: 978-1-4739-4291-2

EISBN: 978-1-5297-1439-5


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