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The SAGE Handbook of the Digital Media Economy

The SAGE Handbook of the Digital Media Economy

Edited by:

January 2023 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Debates about the digital media economy are at the heart of media and communication studies. An increasingly digitalised and datafied media environment has implications for every aspect of the field, from ownership and production, to distribution and consumption.

The SAGE Handbook of the Digital Media Economy offers students, researchers and policy-makers a multidisciplinary overview of contemporary scholarship relating to the intersection of the digital economy and the media, cultural, and creative industries. It provides an overview of the major areas of debate, and conceptual and methodological frameworks, through chapters written by leading scholars from a range of disciplinary perspective.

PART 1: Key Concepts

PART 2: Methodological Approaches

PART 3: Media Industries of the Digital Economy

PART 4: Geographies of the Digital Economy

PART 5: Law, Governance and Policy

Terry Flew, Jennifer Holt, Julian Thomas
Editors’ Introduction: Positioning the Digital Media Economy
PART I: Key Concepts
Terry Flew
Chapter 1: Global Internet Governance in a Post-Global Age
David Niebor, Thomas Poell & Jose van Dijck
Chapter 2: Platforms and Platformization
Sandra Braman
Chapter 3: Meta: A Short Meditation on "Media Economics"
Philip Napoli
Chapter 4: Audiences/Users/Publics
Julian Thomas & Samuel Kininmonth
Chapter 5: The Automated Media Economy
PART II: Methodological Approaches
Leung Wing-Fai
Chapter 6: Labour and Work in the Digital Media Economy: Emerging Debates and Future Directions
Greg Steirer
Chapter 7: “What Is Your Business Model?”: A Critical Genealogy of the Business Model as Concept and Methodology
Jolynna Sinanan, Heather A. Horst & Romitesh Kant
Chapter 8: Infrastructuring in the Global South: Ethnographic Perspectives on Tourism, Media and Development
Bill Kirkpatrick
Chapter 9: Digital Media Economy Through a Disability Lens
PART III: Media Industries of the Digital Economy
Oliver Eklund
Chapter 10: Streaming Platforms and the Frontiers of Digital Distribution: ‘Unique Content Regions’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+
Denis Mann
Chapter 11: Stranger Things Have Happened: Netflix Pivots to Embedded Commodification
Alenda Chang & Jeff Watson
Chapter 12: Steam Clouds and Game Streams: Unboxing the “Future” of Gaming
Jeremy Morris
Chapter 13: Live at the App: The Economics, Platforms, and Technologies of Livestreamed Music
Caroline Fisher & Sora Park
Chapter 14: Economic and Existential Challenges Facing Journalism
Xiang Ren
Chapter 15: Understanding the Digital Publishing Economy: From eBook Disruption to Platform Ecosystem
PART IV: Geographies of the Digital Economy
Bruce Mutsvairo & Last Moyo
Chapter 16: Going Beyond the Digital Divide Debate: Critical Reflections on the African Digital Media-Economy Matrix
Haiqing Yu
Chapter 17: Chinese Platform Economy Sans Frontières: Case Studies from Australia
Vibodh Parthasarathi & Preeti Raghunath
Chapter 18: Expanding Horizons of Media Bazaars: Topography of the DME in India
Hilde Van den Bulck
Chapter 19: Public Service Media in the Digital Economy: A View from the EU
Joe F. Khalil
Chapter 20: Beyond Revolutions, Digital Media Economy in the Middle East: Continuing Legacies and Emerging Disjunctures
Cheryll Ruth Soriano & Jason Vincent Cabanes
Chapter 21: Solidaristic Formations among Cloud Workers in the Platform Economy: Entrepreneurial Logics with Resistant Identities
PART V: Law, Governance and Policy
Robert Picard
Chapter 22: Competition, Monopoly, and Antitrust Issues
Dwayne Winseck & Keldon Bester
Chapter 23: Regulation for a More Democratic Internet: Lessons from 19th & 20th Centuries Antitrust and Communications Regulation
Angela Daly, Darshana Jayemanne & David McMenemy
Chapter 24: Global Playgrounds: Young People, Digital Citizenship and Loot Boxes
James Meese
Chapter 25: From Protocols to Platforms: The Changing Face of Online Piracy
Terry Flew
Chapter 26: Policy Futures for Digital Platforms
Seamus Simpson
Chapter 27: Global Internet Governance and the Digital Media Economy

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